Rainbow Trout Gallery

The Rainbow Trout is characterized by it’s distinctive pink stripe.  All of the pieces below are original paintings of Rainbow Trout depicted on small wooden items such as trays, stools and boxes.

Rainbow Trout Painting on wine tray

This Rainbow Trout painting is on a wine colored wooden tray.   The outside edge of the tray measures 23.5  by 10 inches.  The painted surface measures 20 by 7 inches and protected by 10 coats of polycrylic.

This item matches two others in our Gallery.  The coordinating pieces are of a Brown Trout on a black tray and a Brook Trout on a brown tray.  You can find these additional items on the corresponding pages of our web site.

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Rainbow trout stoolThis Rainbow Trout painting  is depicted on the seat of a short wooden stool.

The stool is stained a dark walnut color and is 8.5″ high.  The painted surface is 11.5″ wide by 9″ high.

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2 Rainbow Trout on a tray“Double Rainbow”

This wooden tray has a painting of two Rainbow Trout who become distracted by a yummy looking bug.

This actual item has been SOLD, however, if you like this painting, contact the artist and she can produce something similar for you on the box, tray or stool of your choice.





Rainbow Trout Painting on boxA beautiful Rainbow Trout swims among submerged tree branches on this box.

This actual item has been SOLD.  If you would like a similar item, you can commission one directly from the artist bu contacting her via email  at klovelace10@aol.com

This small hand-made birch wood box can be stained to your preference.  It is 11″ wide by 7.25″ high, approx. 2″ deep and is lined in green felt.


Rainbow trout painting on tall black stoolThis Rainbow Trout painting  is depicted on the seat of a tall black wooden stool.  The stool is 2′ high.  The painted surface is 17.5″ wide by 9″ high.

This actual item has been SOLD.  If you’d like to purchase a similar item, the artist will gladly paint one specifically for you.  Please contact Kathy Lovelace at klovelace10@aol.com.

This stool is one of a set of three.  The other two stools depict a Brook Trout and a Brown Trout.  You can see the other two stools on their respective gallery pages.  Or if you are interested, the artist can paint a set of three stools for you. One  with a Brook Trout, one with a Rainbow Trout and one with a Brown Trout. Please contact the artist at klovelace10@aol.com to discuss.




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