Artist Bio

Kathy M. Lovelace, ArtistKathy M Lovelace, artist

Knoxville, Tennessee



Kathy was born into an Air Force family and lived in many interesting places during her childhood years.. While growing up, Kathy and her brother were always encouraged to draw.  Most rainy days (and some sunny ones as well) you could find them lying on the family living room floor with crayons, markers and pencils in hand, drawing on leftover end rolls of newsprint provided by their uncle who worked in the press room at the local newspaper office.

Kathy is a self-taught artist.  However, she has taken several drawing and painting classes along the way and never lost her love of drawing, creating, and “making things with her hands”.  She is also the author of a series of children’s stories about a little brown burro named Alvie.  You can find her stories at

Professionally speaking, she worked in the banking field for 35 years.  ln the spring of 2018  she decided to retire from full time work.  This has allowed her more time to develop her artistic talent, and the trout paintings and other art displayed on this website are the result.

Kathy refers to many of her paintings as “functional art” because most are depicted on small useful items of furniture such as tables, trays, boxes or stools.  She also paints in a 2 dimensional format on masonite.

Kathy resides in Knoxville, Tennessee with her husband, Phil, who is an avid fly fisherman and hiker.  His love of sport fishing led her to choose the beautiful Brook, Rainbow and Brown trout found in the nearby Great Smokey Mountains as the primary subjects for her paintings.